Refer a Friend Program!

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Go Ahead, Tell a Friend!

What could make our Driver's Lessons Packages better? Taking it with friends! After you enroll, you will receive a referral code that you can pass on to your friends and family. Each friend that enrolls using your enrollment code will receive $10 off! But that's not even the best part... You also get the discount!

Each student can refer up to 10 friends!
That's $100 off!

How Do I Refer a Friend?

When your friend enrolls with us, they will be asked if they have a referral code. All they have to do is enter the code you have given them and you will both get $10. It's as easy as that!

For 6 Hours Package enroll you will get $5
For 10 Hours Package enroll you will get $10

NOTE: Referral Discounts are only active while you are still active with a
Mejia Driving Training program. If you have already paid your full balance, we will issue a refund for any referrals. Students can enroll with their referral discount code over the phone at 401 270 5253

Ask for your Referral Code Today!
401 270 5253